Do you have any cherik apartment aus?


Hello anon! I only know of a few. Here you go!

My favorite is Love Runs Out - ikeracity (NC-17).
Hammer Bay, one of the most mutant-friendly apartment buildings in all of Manhattan and affectionately nicknamed the Hub by its residents, is home to an eclectic mix of families, broke college students, scientists, artists, and high school dropouts. Charles Xavier, new arrival to apartment 3K, catches the attention of everyone on the third floor but he only has eyes for one: cranky author Erik Lehnsherr who lives directly across the hall in 3B.

Pour Some Sugar On Me - ebonytavern (NC-17)
The AU where young 19 year old Charles is adamant on getting into Erik’s pants.

He Drives Me Crazy (That Boy in 512) - ConsultingWriter (R)
Charles Xavier had recently moved into apartment 512, and he’d been driving Erik crazy ever since.

Mr Blue Sky - fengirl88 (R)
Erik slams out of his apartment and thunders down the stairs to pound on the door labelled Pembroke. The sight that greets him when the door opens is not what he expected at all.

Walking After Midnight (Searching For You) - TurtleTotem (PG)
Charles likes to talk walks around his apartment complex late at night when he gets caught up with homework and over stressed. Also, maybe, because he likes to lurk a little bit on the insomniac from A32 who sits on his patio/blacony at odd hours with headphones and a cigarette. One day he’ll muster up the courage to talk to him - preferably during daylight.

Linger - waldorph (NC-17)
Erik had been warned, to be fair. The realtor was very explicit that the last seventeen tenants had run from the premises screaming about the Exorcist or The Ring or some other terrible horror show.

The Affairs of Dragons - palalife, Takmarierah (PG-13 |WIP |Fantasy)
When Charles sees the dragon on his balcony, he suspects that he’s losing his mind. When he starts hearing voices, he’s certain of it, and the realization that magic is real is little comfort when these newfound abilities threaten to destroy his life. He has no choice but to accept his enigmatic neighbor’s offer of training in exchange for a promise - that he will repay that favor, when asked to.

Walling in or Walling Out - stlkrchck (NC-17) Locked but you can read it if you have an ao3 account.
For the prompt: Charles and Raven are throwing a holiday party. Erik is the grumpy neighbor who is annoyed by how loud they are being. So he goes to complain, and Charles makes it up to him.